Legal Ways to Get Out of a Lease Agreement

When you signed a lease agreement, you probably didn`t think about how you`d get out of it. Life happens, and you might find yourself in a situation where you need to break your lease early. Luckily, there are legal ways to do so without harming your credit score or putting yourself at risk of legal action.

1. Review the terms of your lease agreement

Before you do anything, read your lease agreement thoroughly to understand the terms of your lease and your options for getting out of it early. Most leases will have a clause stating what you need to do to break the lease early and how much it will cost you.

2. Negotiate with your landlord

If you need to break your lease early, your first step should be to talk to your landlord and explain your situation. They may be willing to work out a solution that is beneficial for both parties. This could include finding someone else to take over your lease, letting you sublet, or agreeing to terminate the lease early with a penalty fee.

3. Find a new tenant

If your landlord won`t let you sublet or terminate your lease early, you can find someone else to take it over. You will have to find someone who is willing to take over your lease and meet the landlord`s requirements. Once you find a new tenant, you will need to have them sign a new lease agreement with the landlord.

4. Look for an early termination clause

Some leases may have an early termination clause that allows the tenant to break the lease early without penalty. Review your lease agreement to check for any early termination clause. If you find one, follow the terms outlined in the agreement, such as giving notice and paying any fees.

5. Prove a breach of contract

If your landlord has breached the lease agreement, you may be able to break the lease without penalty. For instance, if the landlord fails to maintain the property or provide essential services like water or electricity, you can argue that they have breached the agreement. You will need to document the breach and provide evidence to support your claim.

Final Thoughts

Breaking a lease early can be a complicated process, and it`s essential to do it legally and ethically. When in doubt, speak to your landlord and review your lease agreement to understand your options. Remember that breaking a lease early can affect your credit score and rental history, so it`s vital to do it with care.